The Importance of Maintaining Your Tire Pressure and Tire Tread

Ask any mechanic, and they will tell that it is not only important to maintain your tire pressure and tire tread to keep you on the road safely, but they will also recommend to help you improve your gas mileage. As a motorist, it is your responsibility to make sure your car tires are properly maintained, and here are some further reasons why:

Incorrect tire pressure can lead to problems on the road.

Over inflation will cause the weight your vehicle to only be focused on a thin strip, which can cause the tire to wear faster. Underinflation can cause an extra rolling sensation and cause you to lose gas mileage. Worn and underinflated tires pose some dangers to you and other motorists.

Tires that are uninflated can create extra friction when the rubber meets the road. This means that unless you take a break and fully load the vehicle’s tires they will be doing twice the work for a while.

Finally, there are a number of reasons why you need to maintain your tire tread.

The most notable one of these would be the fact that winter means the penny should be fully invested. One way to fully determine this would be through the “penny trick”. Basically, if you insert a penny during this time and can almost all of Abe Lincoln, it is time to replace the tire. Keeping these steps in mind will ensure that your car will never skip a beat.



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