Let's Compare Front-Wheel Drive with Rear-Wheel Drive

At Piazza Honda of Springfield, car shoppers sometimes ask us about the difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive transmissions. We are happy to share our knowledge in this brief post.

In a front-wheel drive car, the transmission transfers the engine's power to the front wheels, which then pull the car. This setup puts most of the car's weight over the front tires. As a result, FWD cars produce good traction on rain or snow. In fact, families can find reliable winter transportation in a front-wheel drive car with snow tires.

Alternatively, rear-wheel drive transmissions move the engine's power to the rear wheels, which push the car. This setup places fewer parts in the front of the car and evenly distributes the vehicle's weight. Thus, RWD cars handle better at high speeds. Due to its steadier handling, you will find the rear-wheel drive in sports cars and performance cars.

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