Be Ready for Any Situation with an Emergency Roadside Assistance Kit

There is a myriad of roadside emergency kits on the market today all designed to prepare you for any driving situation or travel disaster. When putting together a basic kit, be sure to include jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and triangle reflectors and roadside flares. Additional items that might prove helpful include a blanket, bottled water, tools, survival essentials such as matches and emergency radio, extra antifreeze and motor oil, and tire repair items.

The auto and emergency preparedness experts and enthusiasts at Piazza Honda of Springfield are eager to answer any questions you have and to ensure that your vehicle is fully equipped with everything it might need in an emergency situation.

Our team of friendly and professional associates is ready to help you put together the ideal emergency roadside assistance kit so that you are prepared for any situation. We look forward to serving you today!



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