What is the difference between a compact temporary and a full-size spare tire?

The spare tire is an essential part of your car’s repertoire that keeps it on the road. Tires are where all the weight of a vehicle meets the road. When you figure that vehicles weigh from one to two tons, that means each tire supports from 500 to 1000 lbs. of load which does not include the impact pressures created by the road. Spare tires exist as a reserve for when a tire surrenders to the force created while you drive.

Of the types of spare tires available on the market, two are the most prominent—the full-sized replacement and the compact temporary. The compact temporary is smaller than your regular tires and with less tread. The full-sized replacement is identical with your regular wheels/tires.

At Piazza Honda of Springfield, we check your tires for signs of wear during each service.



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