Safety and Maintenance Tips for Back-To-School Drivers

One of the best ways to feel safe and secure on the road is to make sure your car is current on maintenance. Back-to-school season is a great time to add car maintenance to your list because it will ensure that your vehicle is safe as it can be while transporting children.

Basic maintenance is checking your fluids and changing them if needed, getting your tires rotated and checking your wiper blades. This is all fairly simple but necessary for optimal reliability. If you have any lights alerting you to a problem on your dash, they should be checked as well for safety.

A safety/emergency kit is a great way to be prepared in cooler weather. Gloves, shovels, blankets, food, and water should be added to a prepackaged kit. If you'd rather build your own kit, it's a good way to make sure everything you prefer is included.

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