Why Your Engine May Be Overheating

The engine of your car is probably one of the most important components of your car, and you want to make sure it’s always running as smoothly as possible. Overheating is often the first sign that there’s a problem. We at Piazza Honda of Springfield want you to be an informed vehicle owner who knows how to keep your engine in good shape and know the warning signs or causes. Here are some reasons why your vehicle may be overheating.
  • Your vehicle needs more coolant to keep the coolant system running correctly.
  • Pump, fan, thermostat and hose failure can all cause problems with the radiator.
  • Radiator not working correctly will cause overheating because fluids cannot flow correctly.
  • Extreme temperatures outside can cause overheating and engine problems.
Taking care of your car’s engine is very important, so why not have it checked out? Pay us a visit in our Springfield dealership, and allow us to service your vehicle.



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