Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires

If you drive regularly in cold winter conditions, all-season tires might not provide you with a high enough level of safety and performance. All-season tires are designed to function well in warmer conditions and will wear down less slowly than the softer rubber of winter tires.

To improve performance in the cold, winter tires are made to grip better when the temperatures outside drop. They are also made with a deeper tread pattern that will expel water and channel snow more effectively. The tread is created to maximize the biting edges so that you can have increased traction when it's slippery out.

Because winter tires wear out quickly when driven on dry pavement, it's important to have them swapped out in the spring for an all-weather set. At Piazza Honda of Springfield, we'll make it easy to choose the right tires for your vehicle so that you can handle any driving conditions.



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