About Winter Tires

Many vehicle owners are aware of all-season radials or off-road tires. But fewer are aware that there are also summer and winter tire options. Winter tires are studded or without studs. They are made to provide a greater degree of traction on icy, slushy or snowy roads. The rubber remains flexible or pliable despite cold temperatures, which ensures more surface area that contacts the road.

However, the tires are not sufficient when spring and summer arrive. The flexibility of the tire means that the tread wears down faster during warmer temperatures. Continuing to use winter tires after the season costs you more money in the long run.

By being softer when the mercury rises, they make handling that much more difficult. To save money and ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants, only use the tires that are appropriate for the current season. See us at Piazza Honda of Springfield for all your tire needs.



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