If you want to test your battery and see if it is holding a charge, you will need a voltmeter. Most automotive experts recommend a digital voltmeter since it gives a near accurate reading. Analog voltmeters are available, but the readings are less accurate.

Before you test your battery with a voltmeter, turn your lights and ignition key off. Next, you will need to connect the red test lead to the positive terminal on your battery (also red). You will then connect the black test lead to the negative terminal on your terminal (also black). If the reading on your voltmeter is 12.2 volts or below, you need to charge or replace your battery. Anything above 12.2 volts shows that your battery is still good and holding a charge.

If you are worried your car battery is getting ready to fail, schedule an appointment today at Piazza Honda of Springfield and let one of our automotive technicians run a start and charge test.



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