Ways to Prevent Salt Corrosion

Salt can do a lot of damage to our cars, and at Piazza Honda of Springfield we want you to be an informed driver who knows how to take care of your car and prevent salt corrosion. With the large amount of snowfall we’ve been getting the past couple of years, the roads have more salt on them than ever before. Don’t let this safety step ruin your car. Learn about ways you can prevent salt corrosion.
• Cover your windshield wipers when not in use to prevent them freezing.
• Avoid parking in snow banks.
• Avoid driving through heavy snow or puddles.
• Wash your vehicle regularly in the winter to get rid of the salt.
• Was your vehicle periodically to get it a protective coating.

If you need additional tips on how to prevent salt corrosion, come to our Springfield dealership, talk to our professionals, and consider taking a vehicle out for a test drive.



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