Here at Piazza Honda of Springfield, our associates want you to keep your car equipped with the best tires for your driving habits and the season. Now that summer is approaching, you may consider getting summer tires to optimize your driving experience in the warm weather.

Summer tires act as a performance tires and offer superior traction on dry and wet surfaces. Summer tires are meant to be used in the warm months, but those who live in areas without a true winter can use them all year.

Why do summer tires perform better than all-season tires in warm months? Summer tires are designed with a tread compound that has sticky additives that offer better grip when the road is wet. The tread compound also helps the tires retain their shape when the road is excessively hot. While summer tires are better in the summer, all-season tires can be used all year because they are a hybrid between a winter and summer tire.



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