First of all, make sure you change the oil in your car at least every 15,000 miles. Secondly, synthetic oil is used in most cars these days and it's not the same as conventional oil. Piazza Honda of Springfield will recommend synthetic oil for most of their cars.

Six benefits of synthetic oil:

1) When your car is running on synthetic oil, there's a lower level of effort and friction going on.
2) Synthetic oil has a more long-wearing consistency and lasts longer.
3) The uniformity of synthetic oil makes it better than conventional oil.
4) There are fewer emissions generated from the car when it's running on synthetic oil.
5) It has less waste material that's used in the making, therefore synthetic oil has fewer impurities.
6)Your engine is protected from extreme conditions and will get fatigued at higher mileage.

You will find that synthetic oil changes are very economical as conventional oil has to be changed more often.



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