This year's Honda CR-V is taking the expression "It's on the inside what counts" to another level. With the redesigned interior features that make driving smarter, this very popular vehicle is in a class all its own.

Let's start with the Driver Information Interface. If you get sleepy or distracted, this specialized equipment can save your life. Its driver attention monitor will alert you if it detects driving patterns becoming of a sleepy motorist. And just how many ways can you adjust your seat for optimum comfort? Well, twelve to be exact. Honda wants you to enjoy every moment of your ride. Therefore, its Power Adjustable Seating puts your lumbar comfort under your control.

Piazza Honda of Springfield wants you to experience the 2020 Honda CR-V total package, which cannot be done by just reading about it. Come visit its showroom in Springfield and take it for a test drive. In this way, you can see what premium driving looks and feels like.


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