A subcompact hatchback appeals to consumers interested in a smaller model that comes with decent cargo capabilities. The Honda Fit draws much popularity from giving these car buyers what they want. Honda goes beyond the basics and provides other interesting features. Drivers who like high-end tech may like what the Fit presents.

Technology isn't always about comfort and perks. Some tech specs support improved safety. The Honda Fit's Road Departure Mitigation Systems shows how technology can enhance safer driving. The RDM provides steering assistance if you cross lane lines without signaling. RDM also supports braking to help prevent veering off the road.

The Honda Fit also comes equipped with Apple CarPlay, something iPhone owners will find beneficial. With Apple CarPlay, easy access to text messages, GPS, podcasts, and other apps become possible. Use the apps through a touchscreen.

A test drive tells you a lot about a particular model, so one not go on one with the Honda Fit? At our dealership, we have models you can try out.


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