The Impressive Honda Insight Hybrid

The Insight is stylish, spacious and comfortable, which makes it popular among people who prefer a mid-sized sedan. The fact that the vehicle is a hybrid makes it popular among the environmentally conscious. The newest models are on display at our Piazza Honda of Springfield location. See what the Insight has to offer, and take a test drive.

The sedans are equipped with a 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine in addition to an electric motor. The combined efforts of the powertrain provide up to 55 miles per gallon while driving around town and 45 miles during highway excursions. Drivers have the option of choosing the fuel economy by selecting the Normal, Eco or Sport driving mode.

Smooth curves and sharp lines give the Insight a dramatic appearance. Choose a model in one of seven exquisite metallic colors. All of Honda's vehicles come with Safety Sense technology, which is designed to warn drivers of potential danger and engage to prevent collisions.


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