Tire pressure is important for many reasons. When tires are properly inflated, in good condition, and balanced, drivers can enjoy excellent traction and handling. They can also void potentially costly and dangerous blowouts. Moreover, correct tire pressure can additionally ensure optimum fuel economy. For these and many other reasons, at Piazza Honda of Springfield, we want to share information on why tire pressure matters.

Poor Weight Distribution

A properly inflated tire will bear weight evenly across its entire surface. However, a tire that is under-inflated will bear this weight more heavily at its outer edges. It will also experience the ravages of greater friction everywhere its surface meets the road.

Over-inflated tires suffer a similar problem. They bear the majority of a vehicle's weight on a very thin strip of rubber right at the center of their surfaces. As such, both over-inflation and under-inflation can lead to incredibly rapid wear. In fact, this is why many blowouts occur.

Decreased Fuel Economy

The additional traction caused by under-inflation tires forces vehicles to work far harder. This in turn increases the use of fuel. For more info on tire pressure or for professional and reliable servicing, come by Piazza Honda of Springfield.


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