The Piazza Pet of the Week was created over two years ago in efforts to help homeless cats and dogs find new homes. The Chris Stigall show on 1210-AM WPHT brings its listeners the latest Piazza Pet each Tuesday at 7:50am.  Chris and the PSPCA will tell you all about the lovable animals that visit the studio each week!

The Pennsylvania SPCA is an independent organization that is not a branch of any other humane society.  It was founded nearly 150 years ago and is the largest humane organization in Pennsylvania! We are glad to partner with them for this unique program.
Check out Cara in the video below!

 Cara - Adopted!!
Cara is a three year old Hound Mix. She came to the PSPCA from another shelter that was full. Cara is shy, but playful. Cara is a great candidate for homes with children of all ages! Meet this sweet pup today!
 Darbee - Adopted!!
Darbee is a three year old Pittie Mix. She is sweet, lovely, and approved for any home! Darbee is very quiet and she even likes other dogs. Darbee was transferred from the city shelter to the PSPCA to help her get adopted.
 Cute - Adopted!!
Cute lives up to her name! She is a four year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Cute is the sweetest dog! She is a great candidate for any home! She might even do well with another dog sibling. Cute and her four puppies were all rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team. All of the puppies have found homes, and now it's Cute's turn!
 Dixie - Adopted!!
Dixie is a three year old Pitbull Terrier Mix. She was pulled from another shelter along with her five puppies. All of Dixie's puppies have been adopted - and now it's her turn! Dixie is super sweet and warms up to everyone quickly. She is approved for a family of all ages! Stop by the PSPCA today!
 Pop - Adopted!!
Pop is a one and a half year old Pittie Mix. Pop is excitable, loving, and a great candidate for homes with children of all ages. Pop was unfortunately burned with cooking oil and his owner refused to seek medical treatment. The PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team rescued Pop after numerous attempts. He received medical treatment, pain management, and lots of love when he was recovering. Pop cannot wait to meet you!
 Apple - Adopted!!
Apple is a six month old Pittie. She was recently surrendered to the PSPCA because her owner could no longer care for her. Apple is very sweet, smart, high energy, and loves other dogs too! She can go into any home - preferably with older children because she has energy bursts. Stop by the shelter today!

Piazza Pet of the Week Update: Over 150 Pets Adopted!

Congratulations to all the Piazza Pets of the Week on finding new places to call home. Piazza Honda of Springfield hopes you get all the love you deserve. Also a "thank you" goes out to their new owners and everyone else involved in this great sponsorship.

The snapshots below represent only a handful of pets that found new homes through the Piazza Pet Program. To see more animals that were helped click here.